Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Morten Harket (from a-ha)

Morten is best known as the lead singer of 1980’s pop sensation a-ha, who released nine studio albums and topped the charts in several countries after their breakthrough hit "Take On Me" in 1985. His early work is not limited to a-ha however, having recorded the single Heaven's Not For Saints which he sung at the Eurovision Song Contest when acting as a compere in the late 90s.

Alongside his career with a-ha, Morten established himself as a songwriter and creative force in his own right. His first solo album "Wild Seed" became the most successful album of 1995 in various countries across Europe, including Norway, selling over 200,000 copies. Morten's success continues to flourish with his fourth and most recent album"Letter from Egypt" released in 2008 by Universal Records. Throughout his work, Morten continues to live up to his reputation as one of pop music's most stellar vocalists.